Sunday, August 30, 2009

Welcome to Whimsycalitopia

Testing the wind

In a place that's neither here nor there
in a subterranian whimsycal world
there exist creatures, that are the discarded
imaginations, fantasies and dreams or part of a lost utopian world.

Sometimes they take the human form often twisted and morphed with other stuff of our earthly urbanistic existence of decay. Their world constantly evolves.

They sow cheerfulness, sadness, terror, cuteness and charm, sometimes they invade our realms their cuteness be-lie the reason of their existence. They co-exist in tribal groups of good and the twisted.

Welcome to the world of.....Whimsycalitopia!

Creatures in my mind prototypes

Been experimenting on small scale sculptures

done in a special white clay that hardens like concrete when dried.