Monday, August 02, 2010

Project Warrior : Sculpture

Meanwhile...deep in the jungles of Panay islands...

"Soon, my warriors will be ready and completely operational!"
They will be fierce and merciless!
They will be ready to do my bidding!...Soon I will conquer the universe!

Sorry got carried away! Above is the ceramic protoype of my warrior character. 
Still work in progress until all details are perfected. Material used is white clay,
shown above before firing. I know there is still a lot of work but we're getting there.
The warriors  are handcrafted and not mold generated. 
Once perfected they will only be available in limited number edition.

Below is the almost perfect prototype of my ceramic warrior. The next stage is working on the white ceramic clay for final production and kiln firing. 
Each warrior will be packaged individually in a specially designed limited edition box, signed & numbered by the artist.