Thursday, May 08, 2014

Originality & Her Cry For Justice!

Originality and her cry for justice!

Originality has been raped, bludgeoned, imprisoned or worst banished to  the edge of deep space. It really is dreadful to see so many impostors call themselves artists, but beware most of them hijacked other artists dreams, fears, pain, angst & call it their own.

They are there not for the journey but on a different agenda that is unspeakable, they take the shortcut to fame and shame. They don’t have the time to search the darkest recesses of their very souls. They burst in with guns blazing with a style that was never their of their own doing.

Woe to those impostors, history itself will judge them. They will be forgotten and left for the crows like worthless chaffs.

In time originality will take her vengeance against these fraudsters. She will triumph, and so the dawn of the new age for the real masters will come to pass.

Originality will once again rule the hearts of many.