A new visual language

CIRCA 2012
Art in the third world order

A style that incorporates the qualities or DNA of action painting and line drawing.
Each compliment each other to form a flexible visual language that easily transcends boundaries.
At one point highbrow suddenly shifts to low brow and effortlessly crosses the line to abstraction, the next moment invades surrealism and blends everything together.

Escapes rational definition, boggles the mind and alienates.
This is Super Dynamism in progress.

Super dynamism is using all the elements and energy of various art forms or discipline seamlessly together, blending these disciplines together into a new and energized fluid art form or philosophy.

Super dynamism revolves around the creative prowess of every particular style known to man by taking bits and pieces together to form Super Dynamic aesthetic expression.

It’s all about non conformity. it does not depend on a coordinated and predictable system.
Old models are discarded and a new order of reality rules.

Super dynamism is a new way of accepting a semblance or illusion of visible reality.
It is an art form that resist to be a captive of time, period or an era.

Super Dynamism is often characterized by stimulating unpredictability and controlled chaos.

Super Dynamism has many layers of techniques and execution. Confronts the spectator on different levels of perception, part objective or partly non-objective. It’s like looking at abrupt abstraction but then realizing something real and tangible.

Super Dynamism is dark, light, emotional, mysterious and whymsical. It can be positive and negative or black and white. It’s contradictory and orderly, chaotic and systematic.

It allows conventional perception  to fluctuate into inconclusive assumptions. It causes imagination and reason to contradict and collide leaving the mind of the viewer with a lot more to ponder and assume.

Super dynamism is flat and dimensional at one point over powering with energy.
Super Dynamism transcends many art discipline without changing it’s methodical technique.

Super Dynamism is the new art. A grammar. A new visual language.

Super Dynamism is a self proclaimed ART MANIFESTO.

End of PART 1